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50% - 10%

You will receive High commission once you invite someone & they buy the donation plan.

Welcome to Kingza Network!

There is different types of chains with 6 plans.

When you buy any Donation plan you will be given a referral link that will separate each plan.

All earning percentage will be in accordance with your Donation plan amount.

All the donation plans are non-refundable! But if you refer someone & it comes in your downline If you don't get commission So in this case the amount will be given back to you.

Kingza Network have right to change policy anytime.

There are 3 levels for each plan.

Born Plan ($1) - Super Hero Plan ($10)

  • Level 1: On the 1st level 5 users will be given a 30% commission each on buying from the same donation plan of affiliate referral link which can earn 150% at level 1.
  • Level 2: 25 users registering with your referral link will forward the same way as the level 1 you did in the level 1 like this, your under 25 users will come whose profit will you get 500 percent. If you want, you can get the user to buy a plan through your referral link even in level-2, which will give you 30% per user profit.
  • Level 3: 125 users registering at level 2 will forward the same way of working as you did in level 1, In this way you will get 125 users in the level 3, whose profit will get you 2500%. If you want, you can get the user to buy a plan through your referral link even in level-3, which will give you 30% per user profit.

At this level 3 your chain will end up with your total profit from Donation plans will be minimum $3100 & maximum 4650%.

You can make your payments at any time.

Remember that the plan you will buy, your registered user will also buy the same plan only then will your team will be included.

If a user space is empty at any level in your chain so in this way you can refer to any new user He can fill that place, whose profit will be 30 percent.

If any other user completes level 1, So in this case you will be given 20% commission.

14 Members Chains Plan:

2 Fast 2 Furious ($15) - Fast & Furious Plan ($20)

How it works:

  • If you bring your refer through your own affiliate link under your chain, commission will be 30% according to the cost of plan which will be credited instantly into your wallet.
  • If anyone anywhere from the world joins your plan, he/she will get his place under your chain automatically and the commission will be 17% according to the cost of the plan you chose, which will be credited into your wallet automatically.
  • The more people you bring direct through your affiliate refer link, the more commission you will receive. i.e 30% per refer.
  • You can find your affiliate refer link just in front of your plan by choosing the icons of WhatsApp , Facebook etc
  • Deposit and withdraw totally online on Kingza Network You can deposit or withdraw through the details of the companies whose details are given.
  • In case of any problem, you can contact our Customer Service by Email support@kingzanetwork.com